Related Posts Without A Plugin With Thumbs

Showing related posts can persuade readers to delve deeper into your blog and read more of your articles, which may convince them you write quality pieces and keep them coming back for more. Today I will show you how to add related posts on your blog without using a plugin, we will also do so

Popular Posts With A Comment Count

Showing users your most commented posts is a great way to “show off” your blogs community interactivity, and could possibly re-enforce the community feeling your blog offers. There are plugins which offer widgets and such to display popular posts, but today I’m going to show you how to do so without a widget. We are

How To: DoFollow/NoFollow

By default WordPress makes most of the links nofollow, this in many ways is beneficial to your blog and doesn’t hinder you much in the way of SEO. But this isn’t always what blog owners want, so today I will show you how to make Blogroll Links nofollow as they are dofollow by default, and

How To Add Custom Default Avatars

The WordPress mystery man is infamous with WordPress, a huge number of blogs have him as the default avatar and while he has his own attraction it can look more polished using your own custom avatar. Today I’m going to run through the easy way of doing this, you will be working in the functions.php

How To Automatically Generate Short URLs for Your Posts

Using short url tools have become common place across the web in recent years, part of this is the usage of Twitter and being restricted to 140 characters. Long urls took up entire tweets forcing tweeters to use these tools. Twitter now have their own shortening tool, but you can still use your own