How To Add Custom Default Avatars

The WordPress mystery man is infamous with WordPress, a huge number of blogs have him as the default avatar and while he has his own attraction it can look more polished using your own custom avatar. Today I’m going to run through the easy way of doing this, you will be working in the functions.php

How to Change Your WordPress Permalinks

In this article we are going to look into permalinks. The goal for this entry is to make your blog’s permalinks more readable and also improve search engine optimization on your site. What is a permalink? Permalink is short for ‘permanent link’. It is a URL that points at a specific blog post, category, or

How to Add Thumbnails to Your RSS Feed

There are more and more blogs adding thumbnails to their RSS feed. This looks nice and can set your RSS feed apart from others. You should be able to implement this within 10 minutes or so. WPZine has made this modification. To add thumbnails to your RSS feed all you need to do is copy