Show Post Time Twitter Style

WordPress by default will show the date of the post which in most cases is sufficient, but say your WordPress install has frequent daily posts or you use it for a different purpose, such as a “FML” clone this method will not suffice. What we will do today is show the post dates like Twitter

How To Make A Simple Konami Code Plugin

Konami codes have been used since the mid eighties are are present in a huge number of video games particularly within that era, Konami codes basically allowed gamers to gain extra lives and such by entering the code. Website owners on Shopify can choose to do the web development themselves a plugin or hire an

Add A Maximum Post Title Word Count

For whatever reason occasionally in our WordPress installs we need to limit certain things, this could be for aesthetic purposes or SEO, so today I will show you how to limit the post title word count. This snippet will be added to your functions.php file, so backup before you begin. functions.php This snippet will now

Set Default Editor In WP-Admin

WordPress’ built in WYSIWYG (What You See is What You Get) content editor is pretty good on the grand scheme of things, one of the stand out features is that you can switch between the “Visual Editor” or the “HTML Editor.” The Visual Editor is generally the default option, which for a large number of

Forcing A Different Theme For IE6 Users

IE6 is somehow still some users browser of choice, or are restricted by work computers that still run IE6. For developers this is an ongoing nightmare as many designs have to be fixed up to support IE6, whether design elements are changed or conditional stylesheets are used it’s still more work than we really need