WordPress Internal Linking Now Made Simple!

The latest version of WordPress version 3.1 now offers an oh so simple way of linking to you internal pages without having to troll back and forth between your older posts and pages that you may have forgotten about.

Note: This feature is only available in wordpress version 3.1+ so you may have to upgrade!

How do you do it?

Wordpress Internal Linking Part One

1. a) Make sure your in the Visual Editor tab

1. b) Highlight the piece of text within your post that you would like to be a link to one of your pages or posts.

1. c) Press the link icon in the TinyMce dashboard you’ll be presented with a light box window with some extra options for internal linking.

Expand The Menu

Wordpress Internal Linking Part Two

2. a) Click the grey text that says “Or link to existing content“. And it will expand to show other pages and posts that are on your site.

Find The Post / Page

3. a) Enter a keyword for the post you are looking for in to the search field, it will search in real time similar to how google instant works and show you the results.

3. b) Once you’ve found the post or page that you want click it and then click the “Add Link” button it will then be inserted in to your post making the highlighted text a link…done!

Things To Note

  • Only available for WordPress 3.1+
  • Icon only appears when in visual editor mode so you can do this while in the html tab
  • you can choose whether the link open in a new window by ticking the check-box
  • adding a link this way automatically adds a title tag to the link (which is the posts title) which is great for accessibility and SEO

Great feature

I think this is a great addition to WordPress and will help less savvy users and clients easily add links within their posts. I just wish the links were a little more dynamic so if a post changed category it would update in the post too similar to how a short code could work.

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