How To Adjust Your Autosave Timings

Have you ever been writing a post on your blog, and your computer has suddenly locked or you lose your internet connection and you have lost all of your article? Most of us have been there and if you haven’t experienced this take my word its upsetting!

WordPress’ default auto save internal is usually 60 seconds, you might want it to save every 30 perhaps?

Here is how you do it, this change takes place in wp-config.php


define('AUTOSAVE_INTERVAL', 30);

You set the time in seconds, in this snippet its set to 30 seconds, so 5 minutes would be 300, 10 minutes would be 600 etc…

Now at the other end of the spectrum you might not want your blog to autosave, it could be slowing down your computer or you simply might not want it to autosave.

There are plugins available to disable auto save but I find the best way of combating this is to set a huge time limit on the autosave so it will never effect you.

So what I do is this:

define('AUTOSAVE_INTERVAL', 604800);

This snippet now tells your blog to auto save the article every WEEK, therefore unless you are the world’s slowest blogger that should not bother you anymore.

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