How To Make A Simple Konami Code Plugin

Konami codes have been used since the mid eighties are are present in a huge number of video games particularly within that era, Konami codes basically allowed gamers to gain extra lives and such by entering the code. Website owners on Shopify can choose to do the web development themselves a plugin or hire an

How To Optimize WordPress

Site optimization regardless of platform will always be of some benefit to your site, Google recently decided to penalize sites that were slow loading, which will do no favors for SEO and SERPs. It makes sense to keep your database tidy, cache files and data if possible and reduce image sizes for example. Here are

WordPress Featured Post Sliders

I recently worked on a client project and one of the specifications in the design brief was a featured posts slider on the main page, this didn’t seem a major feat to me and decided to go with the WordPress-ers most used motto “There is a plugin for that.” Now this statement was true in

Mobilize Your WordPress Install

With the ever growing trend of mobile browsing it makes sense to offer your readers a site that is mobile ready and saves the reader a great deal of time waiting for image heavy pages to load and such. You can work something up in PHP which will allow the blog to detect when a