An Interview With Jeff Starr

Today we have invited the most awesome Jeff Starr over to WPzine to answer a few questions, Jeff is co-author of Digging Into WordPress and runs Monzilla Media and is responsible for the fantastic resource that is PerishablePress. Jeff is well respected in the web design field, not only for Digging Into WordPress but for

An Interview With Chris Coyier

Today we are delighted to have the pleasure of speaking with Chris Coyier who is the brains behind CSS-Tricks, co author of Digging Into WordPress and is currently plying his trade at Wufoo Chris is a highly respected designer, speaker, blogger and author and has contributed a great deal to the design niche, he is

An Interview With Amber Weinberg

Today we are speaking with Amber Weinberg who is a freelance Web Developer based in Nashville, TN. Amber along with her fiance are responsible for which is a fantastic resource you should really check out. She also blogs regularly and her writing has appeared on sites such as Freelance Folder, she also writes a